Why with us?

The Centre consistently delivers high IVF success rates, making us one of the best Fertility clinics, as also endorsed by the various Nationwide surveys and awards that we have received.

We offer years of experience, expertise and the latest reproductive technologies in the area of infertility and treatment plan designed for individual needs.

Xenith believes in patient centeredness. Xenith has always maintained the highest success rate because of two things: High Clinical Standards and high levels of patient centered care.

The staff at Xenith is trained in the latest embryological, medical and technological know-how as well as counselling and therapeutic communication and is equipped to offer evidence based treatment in infertility efficiently.

Xenith monitors each and every process, and looks at patient as well as staff feedback as an important source of improvement.


Patient Benefits at Xenith

  • All Fertility treatments under one roof make it very convenient for patients, and therefore ease and comfort of treatment increases. It also allows close monitoring of every aspect
  • Dedicated team of experts who are highly trained and focused only on infertility work, thus providing the best to the patient
  • Transparent counseling which helps in informed decision making
  • We believe in making pregnancy possible with the least intervention hence the focus is not IVF but on achieving pregnancy
  • We have many patients who have conceived with us after multiple failed IVF cycles outside. WE specialize in treating cases of Recurrent IVF failures
  • Excellent success rates allow speed to pregnancy decreasing treatment fatigue
  • Subspecialist, expert doctors for male infertility treatment and for fertility enhancing surgeries provide excellent support in improving pregnancy rates. We also have an operating microscope for all microsurgical sperm retrieval techniques.
  • We have a modular IVF Lab with the best trained embryologists available in-house, making strict laboratory maintenance possible
  • We focus on holistic care and provide diet counseling, psychological counseling and sessions and treatments such as Reiki, which is an accepted method of alternative healing even in UK and NHS
  • Fetal Medicine Unit is attached to the center for fetal care in pregnancy.