Hormone Tests

Hormone Tests for Infertillity

Hormone Tests

Ovulation evaluation may be broken down into types:

  • Ovulation test for infertility is conducted

    to confirm if ovulation is occurring by looking through your temperature charts, using ovulation predictor kits and blood tests and ultrasound.

  • Luteal Phase testing

    Testing will evaluate progesterone levels, more extensive hormone testing, and possibly an endometrial biopsy ( see below for more info on this procedure).

  • Ovarian function tests

    These tests are looking to see how the hormones are functioning and working during your ovulation cycle. Tests include the Day 3 FSH (measuring follicle stimulating hormone), Day 3 Estradiol (measuring estrogen), ultrasound (to confirm ovulation occurred) and blood tests to determine the levels of inhibin B.

  • Hormone tests

    Most all of this testing will revolve around thorough hormone tests.

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